West Virginia ATV & UTV

UTV & ATV Tours in the New River Gorge region of West Virginia take you over mountain trails to amazing vistas.  


Explore the Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park—spanning nearly 8,000 acres of lush Southern West Virginia forest with over 100 miles of trails. Certified guides will show you the basics of 4-wheeler control and safety. Then, outfitted with a helmet and goggles, you are off on a "rip-roaring" guided tour of the rugged West Virginia back country on an ATV or UTV.

What's the difference between an ATV and a UTV? Glad you asked! (Click each to enlarge the picture.)

ATV—1-2 riders
UTV—1-4 riders

Our half-day tours are offered on beginner trails, the remnants of old logging trails and reclaimed strip mine roads. Beginners will ride on several miles of gravel roads into the mountains then head out on single track green trails. (Green trails are for beginners and are approximately 6 to 8 feet wide.) These single track trails wind around the steep wooded mountains, climbing and dropping through mud puddles, ruts, and rocky winding ridges. The guides will lead, assist and teach you the basics during the four hour ride. For flatlanders these trails seem steep in places and offer plenty of obstacles and challenges.

If you are a first time ATV rider, the half-day is the best introduction to ATV riding. Riding for several hours is very physically draining if you are not use to riding an ATV. Please consider participating in the half day ATV trip first. Then you can bring the skills and confidence you will learn on the half day tour and use them on steeper terrain, deeper puddles, and more difficult trails of the full-day ATV trip.

The full-day ATV Tour requires good balance, strength, or the "go for it" attitude. It is not for beginners. This trip follows trails with sharp turns and long drop-offs, which climb, descend and traverse steep mountains. This trip is not for the faint hearted or someone without good balance, strength, or the "go for it" attitude.

ATV/UTV Tours Min. Age
Rating Trip Length Price  
Half-Day ATV 16 Adventure 3-4 hours $219 Book Now
Full-Day ATV 16 World 6-7 hours $265 Book Now
Half Day 2-person UTV 16 Adventure 3-4 hours $365 Call to Book
Full Day 2-person UTV 16 World 6-7 hours $420 Call to Book

2-person ATVs and 4-person UTVs are also available. Call us for pricing information.

What to Wear

Do not wear anything you do not want to get dirty and possibly permanently stained. Long pants and sturdy shoes are required. Depending on the time of year additional outer jackets are suggested. A pair of sunglasses or protective eye glasses, long sleeve t-shirts and gloves are a good idea to bring. Keep a towel in your car for the end of the day clean-up.

Waiver & Deposit Information

Before starting you will be required to sign an assumption of risk and release for the Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park. (Minors not accompanied by a parent or a guardian must bring signed forms. Forms are available upon request.) In addition, at least one renter per reservation must present a valid credit card upon check in at the General Store to be held in the event of damages. Debit cards are not accepted.