West Virginia Cave Tours

Our adventure partner, Lost World Caverns, offers guided Wild Cave Tours that take visitors off the main tour route and into the heart of the cave. This trip can be organized to accommodate different skill levels.

Few adventures tap into our primal desire to explore like caving does, and Lost World Caverns, in Lewisburg, West Virginia, has many cavernous areas to roam. Known for some of the most spectacular geological formations in the region, the cave is nearly 1.25 miles long and goes to a depth of 235 feet below the natural entrance.

The main show cave is approximately 1000' long, 300' feet wide and 120' high, with a year round temperature of 52°F, but, it's the Wild Cave Tour that really steals the spotlight. Circa 8000 B.C., a wall collapse separated the these wilder back sections of the grotto from the more commercial area. The Wild Cave Tour is dirty work but you'll be rewarded with the caving experience of a lifetime. There are no lights (other than those on our helmets), no trails and few visitors. Knowledgeable guides help even those of average fitness with no prior caving experience to discover the secrets of the subterranean world.

On the Wild Cave Tour, you'll find large hidden rooms, surreal formations and lots of water, but it is also uniquely beginner friendly. There are no dangerous sinks or pits and no areas that require specialized rigging or equipment. The Wild Cave Tour includes guides, helmets, lights, knee pads and gloves, plus bottled water and a snack and a full set of pictures from your trip on CD.

What to Wear/Bring on a Wild Cave Tour

  • Long pants (jeans), undershirt, long sleeved shirt (such as a sweatshirt) and hiking boots (sneakers are all right, but boots are preferred).
  • Complete change of clothing for after the tour (including underwear, socks & shoes).
  • We also suggest you bring a plastic bag for your dirty/muddy clothing items.

Seasons Length of Tour Required Minimum Age Price
Spring, Summer, Fall 4-5 hours 12 years $79/person + tax


Download the Wild Cave Tour detail sheet from Lost World Caverns.