Aerial Adventures on the Gorge

With TreeTops Canopy Tour, Gravity New River Gorge Zip Lines AND now TimberTrek Aerial Park, we have the largest selection of aerial adventure in the world! And it's right here in West Virginia!

TreeTops: The Longest Canopy Tour in West Virginia

We have been blessed with natural structures for our Canopy Tour creating a spiraling Zip Line Canopy Tour Course. You will be just as impressed with the quiet splendor of the views from the tree tops are you are with the thrill of the quiet magical zip lines and skybridges.

TreeTops Canopy Tour is integrated into the natural surroundings of our Mill Creek campus.The course creation included thorough site selection and surveying, environmental ground work and creating access points with minimal branch and brush removal. We focused on keeping nature unscathed and use West Virginia’s natural beauty and complexity to create the course.

TimberTrek Aerial Park

In 2009 Adventures On the Gorge took a giant leap forward in the quest for adventure with TreeTops Canopy Tour. In 2010 we followed it up with West Virginia’s premier aerial adventure, Gravity New River Gorge Zip Lines. Families, friends and colleagues by the thousands have walked away from both with ear-to-ear smiles and life-long memories of adventure and excitement! Then in 2012, we did it again… TimberTrek Aerial Adventure Park is the perfect addition to your vacation, gathering or retreat.

With 5 courses of varying difficulty from calm to crazy, this system of unique obstacles, bridges, swings and zip lines between platforms high in the forest canopy will challenge and thrill participants as young as 7 and as adventurous as you want to be.

Gravity New River Gorge Zip Lines

If you've tried TreeTops and loved it, but want more zipping, more exposure, more height and more speed, well adrenalin people, have we got the zip lines for you—Gravity Zip Lines! Whereas TreeTops is pure canopy tour, with 10 zips in the trees up to 730 feet long, Gravity is above the trees. On Gravity, you're zipping from mountain ridge to mountain ridge. The views are stunning and so is the height and speed. Gravity climaxes with the 3100-foot long Adrena-Line, one of the longest and fasts single zip lines in America. Adrena-Line zippers routinely hit speeds of over 55 mph! And the best part? There are two of them side by side, so you can race your friends!

Many of these long, fast zips in the world require you to spread out to maximize wind resistance and slow you down for the break at the bottom. Not us. Ball up, scrunch it in, get aerodynamic. On Adrena-Line, the faster the better!